Daniel Egnéus

Daniel Egnéus | New York Artist | NYC Hotel

Daniel Egnéus

The Quin’s Featured Artist, Daniel Egnéus, Illuminates the Extraordinary

By regarding the world through rose-colored lenses, Egnéus recognizes the elegance of everyday life and captures it in ink. The Swedish-born artist, who boasts commissions from TIME, Penguin, and Ericsson, is the illustrator of five books, countless comic magazines, and the poetry of Aleksander Pusjkin. Egnéus most recently crafted a gothic interpretation of the Grimm Brothers' “Little Red Riding Hood,” published by Harper design in 2011.

Today, the Quin proudly welcomes Egnéus as its featured artist. Thoughtfully conceived for the luxury hotel, Egnéus’ captivating figure reflects the Quin’s dynamic and introspective vision through her inquisitive gaze. A palpable spirit of wit and world-wise savoir-faire is captured in each brush stroke.

Egnéus’ intricate lines and loose swashes of layered watercolors are multidimensional and luminous, like a lucid dream. Subtle movement, seductive curves, and fluid gestures define a technique that is simultaneously timeless and contemporary, ethereal but grounded in personal and corporeal subjects.

The self-taught artist demonstrates tremendous finesse through his acute attention to detail. Fastidiously designed intricacies, a Venetian gondolier, weeping angels, and 17th-century embroidery, give texture to his canvas without overwhelming the white space. As the artist says, “You shouldn't notice these details, but it adds a bit of substance."

Inspired by comic book icons Will Eisner and Jack Davis and illustration masters Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, Egnéus has developed a signature style that he aptly calls “Quotidiano-Straordinario,” the Everyday Extraordinary. Egnéus’ ink seeps across surfaces, with light and pigment seemingly coming from within the figures themselves.

His vibrant illustrations are insightful and intimate. Graceful hands and unexpected gazes capture the fleeting but extraordinary moments in everyday life. The result is nothing less than enchanting.

The prolific artist has also successfully collaborated with clients such as Swarovski, Haagen-Dazs, BMW, Pepsi Cola, Marie Claire, Nike, and Audi. Egnéus was awarded for his work with Drambuie Whiskey and was voted best illustrator of the Pori Jazz Festival by the Association of Illustrators in the UK.

In December of 2009, Art Basel Miami exhibited Mr. Egnéus’ illustrations while the artist spent 5 days drawing from within the gallery.

Daniel Egnéus currently lives in Milan and is represented by Illustration Division.

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