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The Quin’s Legendary Heritage Inspires Innovative Hospitality

The Quin is a celebration of New York at its purest and most authentic: a unique place in Midtown Manhattan where Art, Design, and Nature orchestrate an intimate experience as cultivated and individual as each of our Guests.

Inspired by the property’s rich artistic heritage, the Quin seeks to  articulate the complexity and harmony of Music’s most sophisticated compositions. This Luxury Lifestyle Hotel communicates both richness and simplicity, decadence and virtue, intensity and stillness, embracing the rich legacy left by a long lineage of Artists who once occupied its halls.

The foundation for the Quin was laid at the peak of the international Arts and Crafts movement, merely steps away from Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, The New York City Ballet, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and Broadway. The original beaux-arts  building was privileged to host some of the century’s greatest Musicians, Composers, and  Conductors.

From 1929-1941, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, composer, pianist, international humanitarian, and the first Prime Minister of a free Poland following World War I, made the Quin his official home while exiled from Europe during World War II.

Dancers, choreographers, opera singers, and comedians such as Albertina Rasch, Dmitri Tiomkin, Giuseppe De Luca, Giovanni Martinelli, Max Hoffman Jr, Leonard Liebling, Paul Schöffler, Victoria de los Angeles, Renata Tebaldi, Bobby Van, Gato Barbieri, Regina Resnik, David Daniels, Angela Marambio, Sherrill Milnes, Marcus Haddock, Ben Heppner, Lang Lang, Robert Vaughn, and Hersh Felder also took comfort in the Quin during their residencies at Lincoln Center and at other performance spaces in New York City.

Georgia O’Keeffe, revered for her large-format paintings of enlarged blossoms and cityscapes, and modernist Marc Chagall too painted Manhattan red from the luxury of the  quarters they kept within the property.

A gesture toward the iconic theatricality of Italian and French Musical tradition, the Quin is clever, playful, and charismatic. And like all  art forms, hospitality at its quintessence is authentic, profound, and personal.  The Quin stands on the shoulders of its robust  artistic inheritance while shaping a dynamic and fresh framework for luxury hospitality.

Resonating with refined repose, the Quin is the magnum opus of New York.

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