BO BRIDGES: Fear the Life Unlived

Photos by Bo Bridges - Fear the Life Unlived

BO BRIDGES: Fear the Life Unlived

Winter 2017

Our year-long photography series reached a high-octane conclusion in November with the debut of an exhibition from acclaimed photographer Bo Bridges titled, “Fear the Life Unlived.” Curated by DK Johnston, the exhibition displayed Bridges’ trademark passion for outdoor adventure and impactful moments. The exhibition also included a 13-screen video art wall display, highlighting Bridges’ work with leading celebrities, athletes and musicians.

Bo Bridges has spent his life chasing the natural high that comes from, as he puts it, “teetering on the edge of the unpredictable.” His quest has led him to far flung destinations around the world to shoot big wave surf, the highest altitudes, and people that, like him, live life to test its limits. This exhibition features Bridges’ favorite playgrounds - from Teahupo'o, Tahiti (where he shot the cover of Surfer magazine), to Hawaii's North Shore, Mexico's Guadalupe Islands, the Grand Tetons and his own backyard in Southern California. Fear the Unlived Life demonstrates with stunning imagery just what “the pursuit of the rush” looks like. 

Bo Bridges is a world-renowned advertising and fine art photographer. His passion for adventure drives the dynamic imagery he produces. His portfolio is an eclectic mix of professional athletes, celebrity portraits, film and television campaigns, in addition to beautiful scenes and imagery from around the world. After acquiring his pilot’s license in 1999, Bo began developing his signature theme, ‘from above and below,’ that is prevalent in much of his work. He moved to Vail, Colorado in 1996 to shoot ski and snowboard athletes and became primary photographer at both the Summer and Winter X Games, a role he has held for the past 15 years. His passion for action and adventure has also included shooting campaigns for action films including Mission: Impossible V, The Transporter, Brick Mansions and Chasing Mavericks.

ESPN has called Bo’s photo credits a “pyramid wall filled with iconic pieces of history,” while Elite Daily labeled him “The World’s Most Badass Photographer.” His adventures range from swimming with great white sharks off Guadalupe Island, to hanging outside of an airplane with Tom Cruise in England, to developing awareness about the damage of natural disasters with Linkin Park and their Music for Relief foundation. Bridges is pioneering the use of virtual reality in action and water sports, bringing a never-before-seen experience to viewers and pushing the boundaries of his work to be able to share new perspectives with the world.

Quin Arts curator DK Johnston commented, “Travel and adventure are intimately connected and no one captures the spirit of adventure like Bo Bridges. His technical skill combined with his eye for pure moments of inspiration results in truly striking images.”

Vincent Vienne, Managing Director of the Quin, adds, “Our guests are world travelers who appreciate the inspiration found in environments from an urban midtown oasis to a rugged mountain range. We’re so pleased they will have the opportunity to meet with Bo Bridges and experience his work during his residency at the Quin.”

Information on pre-show sales is available by emailing  Bo’s photography is also available from Bo Bridges Gallery Manhattan Beach, in Manhattan Beach CA and from Bo Bridges Gallery Vail, in Vail, CO, and online at:

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