And Suddenly the Picture was Distorted

Street art stencil painting of Andy Warhol

And Suddenly the Picture was Distorted

Summer 2018

And Suddenly the Picture was Distorted, presented in partnership with Doyle, was inspired by a lyric from legendary German electronic group Kraftwerk’s “The Hall of Mirrors”—a song that explores image, obsession, and the disconnect between how we perceive ourselves versus how others see us. Comprised of new works and pieces from private collections, it challenged perceptions and manipulated images, employing found materials and a variety of techniques and mediums. The show also included site-specific work created at the Quin, such as a steel door tagged as “Andy Warhol,” by Blek le Rat, the pioneer of the European street art movement and one of our esteemed former artists-in-residence.

Featuring: Blek le Rat, John Fekner, Michael de Feo, Nick Walker, ROA, Swoon, and WK Interact

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