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New York Academy of Art

Winter 2018

In February, we were proud to debut a compelling exhibit in partnership with the New York Academy of Art. The collection, co-curated by DK Johnston and Heidi Elbers, Director of Exhibitions at the Academy, featured work from seven of the prestigious graduate program’s most accomplished alumni.

The Quin and the New York Academy of Art share an extended history of collaboration. Most notably, we partnered to feature Blek le Rat, the “father of stencil graffiti,” as an artist-in-residence in 2014. During his residency, the artist created a series of 25 unique monotypes with lithography at the New York Academy of Art, which were then featured here as part of the exhibition, “Blek le Rat: Escaping Paris.”

The 2018 New York Academy of Art exhibition included works from Tamalin Baumgarten, Shauna Finn, Alexis Hilliard, Gianna Putrino, James Razko, Nicolas V. Sanchez, and Gabriel Zea.  Beyond their graduate studies, they bring an impressive range of techniques, viewpoints, and experiences to this show.

From the tonal, melancholic realism of Tamalin Baumgarten’s landscapes to Alexis Hilliard’s immense complex collages, the work demonstrates the artists’ diverse cultural and creative influences. These experiences—garnered across the globe—converge in a captivating and powerful collection that parallels the multiplicity of New York City. Nicolas V. Sanchez has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in China, Amsterdam, and Italy—including an exhibition in Venice during the 2015 Venice Biennale. His work has also appeared in VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Drawing Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur. Gabriel Zea studied printmaking in Japan and later completed artist residencies in Spain and Germany, as well as the United States. Serving in the U.S. military catalyzed James Razko’s career as an artist. Shauna Finn is a figurative painter who has completed residencies in Italy, France, St. Barth, and Ireland. Gianna Putrino’s travels, meanwhile, manifest in paintings that fulfill an “imaginary nostalgia.”

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