Anne Barlinckhoff: Strength Africa

Photograph of 3 African women standing cheek to cheek

Anne Barlinckhoff: Strength Africa

Spring 2017

We are proud to welcome the inspiring Dutch photographer Anne Barlinckhoff for the launch of her solo exhibition Strength Africa co-curated by DK Johnston and Hyland Mather. Barlinckhoff displays both a remarkable eye for detail and the ability to build trust with her subjects, attributes that have already earned the young artist an avid following worldwide. The exhibition, on view in public spaces within the Quin through May, highlights large works selected from the artist’s recent travels through West Africa. Strength Africa focuses on intimate portraits that have become a hallmark of her work.

Barlinckhoff has been published in Vogue Italia, Dazed & Confused, Nowness, and Blink Magazine among others, and has exhibited in the USA, South Africa, Australia and across Europe. Born in 1989, Anne Barlinckhoff graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, and lives and works in both Europe and Africa.

In describing Barlinckhoff’s work from West Africa, Vogue Italia wrote that, “This series of work expresses openness and intimacy as much as physical beauty,” noting that the series offers “images of high visual and narrative contrast, as well as a newfound vulnerability.”

Vincent Vienne, Managing Director of the Quin, commented,  “We’re honored to highlight Anne’s work as part of our Quin Arts program. At its best, travel offers striking moments of inspiration – and Anne has captured remarkable and moving images from her own travels that I know will resonate with our guests and with visitors.”

Co-curator Hyland Mather added, “Anne has long been intrigued by the varied countries of Africa and their people. Her series in West Africa, so close to skin of her subjects, offers an exploration of the beauty of the everyday, an exploration of the ordinary. Her courage to take this intimate approach as she travels through these countries has produced extraordinary results.”

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