Flora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo

Flora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo

Co-Curated by DK Johnston and Nicole Ianniello

This season, Quin Arts is proud to present Flora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo, a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer formerly mentored by acclaimed photographer Peter Beard.  This contemplative solo exhibition beautifully balances nature and wildlife with emotionally charged female portraits.  Diallo masterfully connects her subjects across distance, age, and culture, envisaging a unified power.  The pure, raw forms of art and energy are combined through portraiture, mixed media collage, landscape, and still life photography.  The grand 15-foot digital art wall compliments the show with a captivating video of the artist’s collage process by filmmaker Marissa Kaiser.

Flora, Fauna, and Forms is on display in the Lobby of the Quin through early May 2019.  For inquiries and show sales, contact DK Johnston at DKJ@concllc.com.

Delphine Diallo: The Angels Twin, 2015
(Photo credit)

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