Photo of a woman's legs walking by photographer Robert Christian Malmberg


Robert Christian Malmberg

INcognito is a new fine photography and mixed media series by NYC alternative process photographer Robert Christian Malmberg. Hand colored and toned by the artist, Malmberg's new series is a colorful and dynamic assemblage of macro photography paired with iconic New York City street scenes. The exhibit explores concepts of masculinity, femininity, good, and evil through 24 original prints blending photography with watercolor treatment and large-scale prints on aluminum. Malmberg continues this study on the Quin’s digital art wall with eight images of the clothed human form, as examined through an antique lens. This collection of collodion wet plate portraiture and high fashion photography is set brilliantly alongside the bright lights and energy of 57th Street.

A purist by principle, Malmberg rarely utilizes image-altering programs like Photoshop but rather employs high end digital, large and “mammoth” format collodion cameras, Polaroid, Super 8mm film, and medium format film cameras. His work has become widely recognized due to the slight, random “imperfections” associated with processing via alternative mediums, which retain an old-world ambiance or atmosphere.

Robert Christian Malmberg has been featured in The New York Times, Daily Candy NYC (winning the Sweetest Things Award 2009), The Huffington Post, ARTES Magazine, and ‚Ä®numerous online publications. His award-winning films have been celebrated from Houston Worldfest International Film Festival to private screenings at London’s ICA (Institiute of Contemporary Art).

INcognito opened on March 5th and was curated by DK Johnston of The Arts Fund. The exhibit continues through April 15th.  For pre-show sales reservations and additional information, contact

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