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The Quin is Outfitted Exclusively with DUX ® Beds, the Quintessential State-of-the-Art Sleep System.

Duxiana, one of the world's highest quality bed manufacturers produces the Aston Martin of all sleep products: the DUX® Bed.

The DUX Bed is the result of advanced sleep research and technology, combined with traditional Swedish craftsmanship; a development and production collaboration focused entirely on bringing you a good night’s sleep on a quality mattress.

experience THE RED DOOR SPA with the QUIN.....

An elegant bed with a Duxiana brand mattress

The DUXIANA difference

Experience the finer things in life with the DUX® Bed.  

For over 85 years, four generations of the Ljung family have studied ways to blend the science of healthful sleep with the ultimate in comfort. 

By combining research and engineering with the finest materials and craftsmanship, The DUX® Bed creates the ideal sleep environment as it supports every point on the body in a natural position. The DUX® Bed offers supreme luxury and quality.

Since the first DUX® Bed was handcrafted in Sweden in 1926, DUXIANA has used only the highest-grade materials, all chosen for their performance characteristics. 

The finest steel wire is sourced from Sweden’s world-renowned steel makers. Bed frames are constructed from wood harvested from Northern Sweden, and DUX® Beds are covered with high thread-count cotton, not only for its softness, but also because higher thread counts yield stronger fabrics. The result is a bed that stands (or lays, in this case) above all others in the industry in quality, comfort, and durability.

The DUX® Bed developed from the concept of a multi-layered innerspring system. DUXIANA's dynamic spring system contours to every move.  Almost 2 miles of steel wire are woven into over 4,000 interlocking springs in each DUX® Bed. To give you some perspective, merely 1,000 springs wind up in most conventional mattresses. 

With more springs, the DUX® Bed maximizes the distribution of your body weight, causing fewer pressure points, increased circulation, and less tossing and turning. The result is a bed that can help you fall asleep faster, and stay in deep sleep longer so you wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

The DUX® Bed is also built to last. Rigorous strength tests ensure its performance over time.  Fingal, DUXIANA’s exclusive 250 lb. wooden dummy, continuously tests beds directly from production by performing over 600,000 rolls over the period of a week. That equals 30 years of use or about 3 to 4 times the effective life of most beds on the market.

Because of its commitment to improving life through better sleep, DUXIANA remains at the forefront of the industry and continues to set the standards by which all others are tested.

DUX® Beds are sold exclusively at DUXIANA boutiques around the world.

Details courtesy of DUXIANA.

QRated: Claes Ljung on the Duxiana Difference

Describe what sets DUXIANA beds apart from other beds found in hotels?

At First look, a DUXIANA bed may look just like any other bed.  The differences may not be visible until one experiences a DUX bed firsthand.   DUXIANA provides an outstanding product - one will sleep better and will fall asleep faster in a DUX bed.  Visually, the DUX bed is a ‘perfect fit’ for everyone.  Our product provides customized springs based around the body’s three comfort ‘zones’ that need support – the shoulders, hips, and legs. 

What do you think makes luxury luxurious? How does that relate to DUXIANA?

DUXIANA is not a luxury product.  I do not believe that it is a luxury to get a good night’s sleep. However, most DUXIANA clients do think of time as a luxury – a poor night’s sleep is a waste of time.    What DUXIANA provides our clients is a better night’s sleep which therefore results in a better use of their time. 

Aside from the Quin, where else in the world would you rather wake up?

Although it may not be as comfortable as the Quin, there is nothing like waking up in your own home. I also have the luxury of sleeping on a variety of different mattresses and pillows – we are constantly testing new products at home.  

What do you personally look for in a hotel?

I spend about 110 days a year traveling and the first thing I do after walking into a hotel room is check where the electrical outlets are located.   I am an electronics aficionado, and I travel with tons of different cables for my various "toys."  I am looking for practically and functionality in a hotel room.

What are your "must have" items while travelling?

My Brooks Brothers button-down shirts are a necessity – they are wrinkle-free and do not require an iron, Johnston + Murphy shoes, and my various electronics.

How did you name Fingal - the wooden dummy that tests your beds?

Fingal is a 280-pound wooden dummy that originated in Sweden in the 1950’s.  Fingal is the toughest testing device around.

What’s your favorite New York experience?

I always enjoy a burger at Jackson Hole.  I also recommend dining at Barbetta, the oldest restaurant in New York that is still owned by its founding family – the Maioglio family.  The restaurant is currently owned by Laura Maioglio and her husband Dr. Günter Blobel, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Dr. Blobel is a staple at the restaurant and has the most fascinating stories.

A poster showing the interior of a Duxiana mattress

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