Hilary Swift: Time In-Between

Photographs of New York City

Hilary Swift: Time In-Between

Summer 2017

We were proud to host the first New York solo exhibition featuring the work of photographer Hilary Swift, which debuted on June 22nd at The Quin.  The exhibition, titled “Time In-Between” was curated by DK Johnston and highlighted images that captured surprising portraits and intimate moments of life in New York. Swift is a frequent contributor to The New York Times national, political and metro desks.  It’s the fleeting moments “in-between” assignments that energize Swift’s artistic life, however, and these images were the focus of the exhibition.

Swift is a young rising star in a field in which female photojournalists remain in the minority.  A Vermont native, she has focused on documenting politics, social issues and breaking news based out of New York City – even as she has preserved a wide-eyed appreciation for the everyday moments and the diverse population that makes the city so extraordinary.

Swift earned her bachelor’s degree in visual journalism from the Brooks Institute in Ventura, CA, and interned at newspapers including The Reno Gazette Journal and The Free-Lance Star, before contributing to the The New York Times.  She has accumulated a range of awards from the very start of her career, including the Getty Reportage Emerging Talent Award, Pictures if the Year International, and Joop Swart Masterclass Nominee.

Quin Arts curator DK Johnston commented, “Hilary has a keen eye for recognizing the power of portraits or images that capture unguarded moments.  It’s remarkable to see an artist at such a young age who can move from covering the campaign trail or breaking news for The New York Times – to exposing the beauty of everyday moments in the city.”

Vincent Vienne, Managing Director of the Quin, commented,  “Hilary Swift brings quintessential New York moments to life – and that’s a perfect fit for the Quin.  We’ve been honored to welcome artists from around the world to join our Quin Arts program, but it’s a special honor to have a New Yorker in the house.”

Of her own work, Hilary Swift adds, “The photographs I’m most drawn to find a way to create empathy and understanding. Images communicate with people in ways that words and speeches can't. They provide proof where doubt can lay and preserve memory when we start to forget.”

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