Eric Zener

Works by Eric Zener - a New York City artist

Eric Zener

Artist in Residence Spring 2014

Last spring, Eric Zener returned to New York to present a new solo show at Gallery Henoch in Chelsea. Concurrently, the Quin hosted an exclusive exhibit of the artist's Land series as part of Quin Arts’ residency and Artist Salon programs. The Quin Arts’ exhibit featured an original oil painting and 11 resins of Zener’s most popular pieces. Mr. Zener also created a dynamic medley of images that incorporates new work from the Henoch exhibit for the Quin’s video art wall.  This creative display produces a poignant connection between Zener’s Land series and his distinguished Water series.

Inspired not only by the terrestrial and aquatic, Zener’s primary collection is fittingly completed by studies in Sleep and Journeys—enthusiastic explorations (and often celebrations) of joy, transformation, and immersion. Zener, a fellow wayfarer himself, backpacked around the world for nearly two years, bartering his pieces for room and board, before he went on to sell his photorealistic paintings to prestigious international collectors.

Zener is often drawn to the things that go unnoticed and the elegant beauty of everyday life. His background in psychology is made evident through buoyant pieces that capture the ever-present effect that water has on the human psyche and life cycle.

For over 25 years, the self-taught painter has created over 1,000 works using many different mediums throughout his career. His mixed media work is produced through a process that involves mounting photographic transparencies on a wooden box with silver leaf, painting over these images, and covering them in resin. Man on a Tightrope, is prominently featured in the Quin’s permanent collection and is part of his Journeys series.

Among his accolades, Mr. Zener was recognized in II Beca Primavera de L’Ajuntament de l’Escala, International Juried Competition, Residency, and Exhibition, the Palm Springs Desert Museum, 31st Annual National Juried Exhibition, and the New American Paintings, #19, National Juried Competition. Eric Zener is currently represented in New York, California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Hong Kong.

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