Artist in Residence

Painting of a woman in a striped bikini swimming underwater


The Quin frequently hosts gifted artists and musicians who, like earlier generations, appreciate the hotel’s proximity to Manhattan’s most significant cultural landmarks.  Often this residency results in vibrant creative collaborations, inspiring original artworks and providing fascinating opportunities for guests to interact directly with the artists.

Summer 2018

And Suddenly the Picture was Distorted, presented in partnership with Doyle, was inspired by a lyric from legendary German electronic group Kraftwerk’s “The Hall of Mirrors”—a song that explores image, obsession, and the disconnect between how we perceive ourselves versus how others see us. Comprised of new works and pieces from private collections, it challenged perceptions and manipulated images, employing found materials and a variety of techniques and mediums.

Painting of a vandal figure holding a pocket watch
Abstract art by Hilliard

Winter 2018

In February, we were proud to debut a compelling exhibit in partnership with the New York Academy of Art. The collection, co-curated by DK Johnston and Heidi Elbers, Director of Exhibitions at the Academy, featured work from seven of the prestigious graduate program’s most accomplished alumni: Tamalin Baumgarten, Shauna Finn, Alexis Hilliard, Gianna Putrino, James Razko, Nicolas V. Sanchez, and Gabriel Zea. The exhibit was on view to the public at The Quin through April 2018.

Spring 2018

We were proud to present  IN BLOOM—a vibrant celebration of spring in New York City. Floral-themed pieces, each crafted in the respective signature style of 29 participating artists, flourished alongside Central Park during the magical season of spring 2018.

Three stylized sunflowers in varying colors
Collage of various mixed media art work

Winter 2018

The Voice of a Generation featured works by remarkable UK-based artists: Alexandra Lethbridge, Jasmine Pradissitto, Tim A. Shaw, David Aiu Servan Schreiber. As one might expect from a group show that includes an artist with a PhD in quantum physics, another spearheading art installations in hospitals, and a third whose research based-art provocatively blends fact with fiction, the mixed-media exhibition presented innovative works that challenged visitors’ visual and conceptual perceptions of the world. Themes of illusion, intervention, and shifting perspectives weaved through the exhibition, which was on view in public areas throughout the Quin.

Winter 2017

Our year-long photography series reached a high-octane conclusion in November with the debut of an exhibition from acclaimed photographer Bo Bridges titled, “Fear the Life Unlived.” Curated by DK Johnston, the exhibition displayed Bridges’ trademark passion for outdoor adventure and impactful moments. The exhibition also included a 13-screen video art wall display, highlighting Bridges’ work with leading celebrities, athletes and musicians. 

Photo by Bo Bridges of men kayaking next to a glacier
Artwork - A young adult in green jacket and red baseball cap lying on a bed

Autumn 2017

We were proud to present SENTRY, GUARDIANS, and ART FARE by Andy Freeberg—an American photographer celebrated for his distinctive portraits, which have been featured in Rolling Stone, Time, and Fortune. Long fascinated with gallery and museum culture, Andy Freeberg turns his camera on dealers, artists, and museum guards, exploring the interplay between the works of art, the environments in which the art is shown, and the people who engage with it.

Late Summer 2017

The worlds of photography and global street art come together at the Quin, as the hotel features two separate exhibitions from renowned Danish photographer Søren Solkær. The first exhibition is devoted to Solkær’s portraits of street artists, captured along with their work, taken from his fine art photography book, SURFACE, first published in 2015. The exhibition is installed in the hotel’s triplex Penthouse Suite and in selected public areas of the hotel and is set to run from July 2017 through early 2018. In August 2017, a second exhibition, HEART BEAT CITY, from Søren Solkær debuted in the hotel’s lobby and drawing room. This exhibition included a collection of New York images especially commissioned for the Quin, as well as a selection of SURFACE images with a New York connection. Both exhibitions were curated by DK Johnston.

A work of art featuring the Statue of Liberty
Group of raccoons in New York City

Summer 2017

We were proud to host the first New York solo exhibition featuring the work of photographer Hilary Swift, which debuted on June 22nd at The Quin.  The exhibition, titled “Time In-Between” was curated by DK Johnston and highlighted images that captured surprising portraits and intimate moments of life in New York. Swift is a frequent contributor to The New York Times national, political and metro desks.  It’s the fleeting moments “in-between” assignments that energize Swift’s artistic life, however, and these images were the focus of the exhibition.

Spring 2017

We were proud to welcome the inspiring Dutch photographer Anne Barlinckhoff for the launch of her solo exhibition Strength Africa co-curated by DK Johnston and Hyland Mather. Barlinckhoff displays both a remarkable eye for detail and the ability to build trust with her subjects, attributes that have already earned the young artist an avid following worldwide. The exhibition, on view in public spaces within the Quin during May 2017, highlighted large works selected from the artist’s recent travels through West Africa. Strength Africa focused on intimate portraits that have become a hallmark of her work.


Photograph of 3 African women standing cheek to cheek
Red, yellow, and green painting called Light Waves

Winter 2017

The Light Waves exhibition highlights two diverse expressions of Malmberg’s work and features the color saturated Neon Landscapes series, in addition to the striking black and white presentation of oversized Manhattan Contact Sheets.

Neon Landscapes is a study in photographic abstract expression. Shot on expired medium format film and a Rolleiflex camera with a broken shutter in the American West, Malmberg uses the imperfections deliberately to evoke a wildly colorful atmosphere. Inspired by modern painters such as Mark Rothko and Robert Rauschenberg, Malmberg utilizes a tangible photographic medium to capture subliminal emotion. Neon Landscapes, contemporary and bursting with electric color, marks a departure from Malmberg's acclaimed collodion process works while still fueling his passion for alternative processes.

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Winter 2017

Throughout its history, the Quin hotel has hosted world-renowned artists and musicians, due to its location at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, diagonally across the street from Carnegie Hall. Now, Quin Arts curator DK Johnston has combined these two artistic forms with a spirited mash-up in a group show featuring 14 exquisitely crafted D'Angelico Guitars -- each reimagined by a different artist. Each of the artists has been an artist-in-residence at the Quin in the past, or is represented in the hotel's permanent collection—from acclaimed street-artists such as ABOVE, Mando Marie and Nick Walker to photo-realist painters such as Eric Zener, artists were challenged to use a D'Angelico guitar as their "canvas."

Black guitar with blue embellishments
Drawing of a man spray painting "I love NY" on a building

Winter 2016

Opening the 2016 season, Nick Walker—Quin Arts' inaugural artist-in-residence—revisited the hotel with a tour de force of historic images and a brilliant new vocabulary of abstraction. The new exhibit debuted on January 21st, 2016. His unique style combines spray paint with intricate stenciling, creating an effect that is both eye-catching and sophisticated.  Mingling photographic imagery with the flippant attitude of graffiti, Walker’s work comes off as both culturally studious and satirical. 

Drawing of Audrey Hepburn with a long black tear coming from her eye

Spring 2016

Charles Uzzell Edwards, known as Pure Evil, is one of the leading British artists of the thriving international street art scene, exhibiting worldwide and recently launching the Pure Evil Gallery in London. For his solo show at the Quin, Pure Evil created a series of screen-prints on paper and canvas, including hand-finished prints.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

Summer 2016

Tavar Zawacki was born in California in 1981 and now makes his home in Berlin. He has been creating public art since 1995, when he first began tagging “ABOVE” graffiti on freight trains. At the age of 19, ABOVE moved to Paris, where he started painting his trademark arrow icon pointing 'above'. Over the past 17 years he has painted artworks in the streets of over 100 cities in 60 different countries around the world.

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