Current Exhibit


Although inspiring and provocative artwork is featured throughout the hotel, the gallery is one of the art program’s primary focal points.  This dedicated area of the lobby features a frequently changing display and typically highlights the work of one artist.

As Curated by DK Johnston

The Light Waves exhibition highlights two diverse expressions of Malmberg’s work and features the color saturated Neon Landscapes series, in addition to the striking black and white presentation of oversized Manhattan Contact Sheets.

Neon Landscapes is a study in photographic abstract expression. Shot on expired medium format film and a Rolleiflex camera with a broken shutter in the American West, Malmberg uses the imperfections deliberately to evoke a wildly colorful atmosphere. Inspired by modern painters such as Mark Rothko and Robert Rauschenberg, Malmberg utilizes a tangible photographic medium to capture subliminal emotion. Neon Landscapes, contemporary and bursting with electric color, marks a departure from Malmberg's acclaimed collodion process works while still fueling his passion for alternative processes.

For the Manhattan: Contact Sheets series, Malmberg used traditional 35mm black & white film, shooting multiple frames to present a collective portrayal of Manhattan locations that he has found most inspiring. His approach to architectural photography has a cinematic appeal even while keeping true to the classic still photography format. Each contact sheet is comprised of one complete roll of film (36 frames), showcasing urban vistas.

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