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From intimate private performances to mixing and mingling with musicians and photographers at artist salons, Quin Arts is energized by a series of creative and inspiring happenings.

Artist Salons: A Vibrant Legacy of Cultural Exchange

A distant descendant of the wine-drenched Greek Symposia, artist salons originated in Italy and flourished in 16th and 17th-century France as lively hubs of culture and conversation.  Helping to foment the emergence of academic intellectualism during the Age of Enlightenment, these high profile gatherings took place in the homes of affluent hosts, especially in Paris.

The Quin believes in rekindling the energy of these vibrant micro-communities.  By bringing together artists, collectors, and art-lovers, our contemporary salons foster real life communities centered around lively conversations and the open exchange of knowledge. Such assemblies, we hope, will be a place that art and creativity can flourish.

Man and woman looking at an art exhibit
Photographer Robert Christian Malmberg poses with two other in front of his work.

ROBERT CHRISTIAN MALMBERG exhibit debut & artist salon

INcognito, a new fine photography and mixed media series by NYC alternative process photographer Robert Christian Malmberg, opened on March 5th and was curated by DK Johnston of The Arts Fund. Hand colored and toned by the artist, Malmberg's new series is a colorful and dynamic assemblage of macro photography paired with iconic New York City street scenes.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

Photos: Marisa Erin Photography 


WULF TREU exhibit debut & artist salon

Figurative Destruction was an exhibition from the acclaimed artist, Wulf Treu. Coinciding with the Frieze Art Fair on Randall’s Island, this Quin Arts exhibition featured dramatic large format oil paintings on canvas, mixed media works on wood, and a video art wall installation highlighting the artist's neon works. For the first time, Treu presented studies on paper from his body of work in sculpture, painting, and mixed media. These were grouped into five stories, each containing four original oil, pastel, pencil and watercolor works, affording collectors and guests a special opportunity to acquire Treu's work at an unprecedented price point. Figurative Destruction opened on May 14th and was curated by DK Johnston.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

Photos: Nick Sosin/Am Media Group

Two men and a woman attending an art exhibit
People observing exhibits at an NYC art gallery

MAGNUM PHOTOS exhibit debut and reception

Magnum Photos is a photographic co-operative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer-members. With powerful individual vision, Magnum photographers chronicle the world and interpret its peoples, events, issues, and personalities.

View photos from the Quin Arts launch with Magnum Photos here.

CORNO exhibit debut & reception

Co-curated by Channing Norton of MOCA and DK Johnston of the Arts Fund, Creative Chaos opened with a by-invitation-only reception on September 17th and was on display at the lobby-level exhibit for the public until October 6th.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

Woman attending an art exhibit in New York City
Artist Blek Le Rat signing something for a fan

BLEK LE RAT exhibit debut & artist salon

Curated by DK Johnston of The Arts Fund, Escaping Paris featured 10 large scale original Blek le Rat paintings, as well as an edition of 25 unique monotypes with lithography that the artist created at the New York Academy of Art during his tenure.

The Quin’s permanent collection includes Blek le Rat’s “Love America” on the 14th floor and loaned works the “Great Wedding” on the second floor, “What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen” in the boardroom, and “Tango” in the lobby. Most recently, the artist commemorated this collaboration on the Quin’s façade with an image of Andy Warhol.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

ERIC ZENER exhibit debut & reception

The Quin was proud to host an exclusive preview of Eric Zener’s Gallery Henoch show as part of Quin Arts’ residency and artist salon program. This Quin Arts’ exhibit featured an original oil painting and 11 resins of Zener’s most popular pieces. Mr. Zener also created a dynamic medley of images that incorporated new work from the Henoch exhibit for the Quin’s video art wall.

View photos from the Artist Salon here.

Attendees to the Eric Zener art exhibit
Photo of a woman holding a violin

ROSEMARY SIEMENS Private Lobby Recital

Ms. Siemens' latest visit to New York included a performance at Carnegie Hall as Concert Master for National Sacred Honor Choir and an intimate private recital in the Quin for guests and New York music aficionados as part of the hotel's ground-breaking Quin Arts program.

View a clip of Ms. Siemens' private recital at the Quin here.

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