Patrick Graham

Patrick Graham | luxury Quin hotel

Patrick Graham

"So much noise is orchestrated to pluck at our heartstrings - to make audiences feel something in order to buy it or buy into it, particularly in a city like New York."

Patrick Graham, however, scores silence.

Heralded as Ireland’s most important contemporary artist, Graham’s art dares those who encounter it to pause for a moment in the startlingly challenging empty space. In his book, Patrick Graham: Fact of the Matter, curator Jack Rutberg likens the disarming response evoked by Graham’s work to the visceral reactions music so often inspires. He writes, “Perhaps Graham affects such a disarming response because he achieves in his art something more akin to the abstract nature of music…Graham does not paint “things”; but rather, his interest lies in the spaces between. No fixed narrative, no declarations, no grand truths. Graham’s gift is his ability to evoke that quiet space where questions prevail and possibilities exist.” Emerging from an Irish landscape of oppression and repression, Graham breaks ground with this extraordinary artistic expression. Like the prolonged rest at the end of a grand crescendo, the space in which the conductor’s arms are raised, he inspires air that leaves audiences, for a moment, breathless.

The sonic and abstract nature of Patrick Graham’s art befits the Quin’s musical and artistic heritage and pulls its legacy into the 21st century. Quin Arts is proud to include, The Lark in the Morning:  Reworked Drawing 1994, in its permanent collection. Echoing art created across the Atlantic in New York City by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the late 1970s and 1980s, Graham’s work synthesizes 20th century aesthetic and technique with childlike scrawls of words and objects, primitive drawing strokes, fragmented figures, and a wild use of color against sober greys. His figures, formed on grey paper, mounted on board and strewn with graphite, acrylic, and ink are filled with vigor.

Matthew Becker and the Project Team at Perkins Eastman share, “Patrick Graham’s paintings are tremendously engaging. They ensnare us in dreamlike spaces full of portent. It is for this reason that we chose them for the Elevator Gallery – so that en route to and from one’s room, and amidst the speedy pace of the City, one might steal a few moments of reflection within their poignant worlds.” And so in that space, during those seconds of suspension, while one waits to be lifted to the floors above, perhaps the silence will resound, restoring a sense of boundless possibility.

Patrick Graham was born in 1943 in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland and trained at the National College of Art in Dublin. He has exhibited in Ireland and internationally at the National Gallery of Ireland, the Berkeley Art Museum, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Trinity College Dublin, Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, England, the Hokkaido Museum in Hokkaido, Japan, the University of Michigan, Northeastern University in Boston, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Mr. Graham is represented by Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

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