Permanent Collection

Artwork on display at the Quin - an NYC hotel


Guests of the Quin enjoy a large and carefully curated art collection displayed in both public areas and in individual guest rooms.  The collection includes work by many of the artists who have participated in the Quin Arts artist in residence program.

Quin Arts permanent collection includes significant pieces by Patrick Graham, heralded as Ireland’s most important contemporary artist. Graham’s art dares those who encounter it to pause for a moment in the startlingly challenging empty space. In his book, Patrick Graham: Fact of the Matter, curator Jack Rutberg likens the disarming response evoked by Graham’s work to the visceral reactions music so often inspires. He writes, “Perhaps Graham affects such a disarming response because he achieves in his art something more akin to the abstract nature of music…Graham does not paint “things”; but rather, his interest lies in the spaces between.

Patrick Graham | luxury Quin hotel
Daniel Egnéus | NY Artist | NYC Hotel

The Quin’s Featured Artist, Daniel Egnéus, Illuminates the Extraordinary

By regarding the world through rose-colored lenses, Egnéus recognizes the elegance of everyday life and captures it in ink. The Swedish-born artist, who boasts commissions from TIME, Penguin, and Ericsson, is the illustrator of five books, countless comic magazines, and the poetry of Aleksander Pusjkin. Egnéus most recently crafted a gothic interpretation of the Grimm Brothers' “Little Red Riding Hood,” published by Harper design in 2011.

Award winning photographer and filmmaker Robert Christian Malmberg has been featured on the Quin’s state-of-the-art electronic gallery wall.  Having converted his trademark wet collodion processed prints into a fluid digital display, Malmberg’s work adds old world drama to the immersive atmosphere of the Quin’s lobby.

This past year, Malmberg donated a signed, dated, and numbered print of his piece Edison’s Memoir to the Quin’s Save the Children campaign, which supports children in need by improving their health, education, and economic opportunities.

NYC Hotel | the Quin | New York Accommodations
Drawing of a man spray painting "I love NY" on a building

Winter 2016

Opening the 2016 season, Nick Walker—Quin Arts' inaugural artist-in-residence—revisited the hotel with a tour de force of historic images and a brilliant new vocabulary of abstraction. The new exhibit debuted on January 21st, 2016. His unique style combines spray paint with intricate stenciling, creating an effect that is both eye-catching and sophisticated.  Mingling photographic imagery with the flippant attitude of graffiti, Walker’s work comes off as both culturally studious and satirical. 

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