Robert Christian Malmberg

Robert Malmberg, Quin Arts, Artist in Residence

Robert Christian Malmberg

Award winning photographer and filmmaker Robert Christian Malmberg is currently featured on the Quin’s state-of-the-art electronic gallery wall.  Having converted his trademark wet collodion processed prints into a fluid digital display, Malmberg’s work adds old world drama to the immersive atmosphere of the Quin’s lobby.

Since the acquisition of his first 35mm camera in 2001, Kentucky-raised Malmberg has developed a style all his own.  His wet plate collodion process involves coating, sensitizing, exposing, and developing photographic material within minutes of taking an image in a darkroom.  Working in his studios in New York and San Francisco, Malmberg has a created a signature style that juxtaposes antiquated photographic techniques with contemporary subject matter. 

Malmberg’s unique procedure brings out microscopic details that give his photographic subjects an almost haunting reality.  Due to this saturation of detail, each of Malmberg’s images tells a story of its own.  In a trip to Wyoming, Malmberg captured the industrial beauty of the American West through the dual lenses of nostalgia and enterprise.

Among recent accolades, Malmberg won the latest G-Technology photography contest and his short films were on display at London's Institute of Contemporary Art.  This past year, Malmberg donated a signed, dated, and numbered print of his piece Edison’s Memoir to the Quin’s Save the Children campaign, which supports children in need by improving their health, education, and economic opportunities.

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